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Special Inspection Services

A Third Party Special Inspection Program is an optional program that allows the property owner(s) and/or construction contractor(s) the option for certain inspections to be performed and certified by private sector “third party” engineers, architects and inspectors..

TriStar's team provides experienced multi-trade inspectors to facilitate commercial, industrial, mixed use, residential, and institutional project needs. Our goal is to save you time and money while complying with jurisdictional requirements and satisfying the intent of the code.

TriStar provides third party inspection services for:

  • Fire/Smoke Management Systems

  • Fire Alarm Systems

  • Periodic Fire Damper Inspection Services

  • Mechanical/Electrical/Plumbing (MEP Systems)

  • Pre-Construction Mechanical Systems Assessments

  • HVAC, Exhaust, Refrigeration, and Fuel Gas Systems

  • Test and Balance Services by AABC Certified Engineers

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