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Due Diligence Facility Assessments 

TriStar’s Property Condition Assessment (PCA) service focuses on providing potential buyers and clients with a detailed report outlining the building systems and components, along with any deferred maintenance or deficiencies captured during our inspection.

Our attention to detail, engineering design experience, construction and commissioning expertise allows us to excel on finding potential critical issues such as building code violations, indoor air quality issues, energy efficiency/usage concerns and deterioration of the building infrastructure caused by deferred maintenance problems.

Even though we adhere to ASTME E-2018-15 guidelines, we do not offer generalist evaluations.

At TriStar, we stand behind our evaluation and recommendations. We field a diversified team of professional engineers and building experts to cover all building disciplines.  We understand how important a successful sale is to you, so we expedite our observations and reports and complete the project in a timely manner.

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